Patrick Cunha Silva

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor at Loyola University Chicago. My work has been published in Electoral Studies, Party Politics, and Political Research Quarterly.

More About My Research


I study topics related to electoral systems, gender representation, and political campaigns. Below you can find information about my last publications.

Publication (Electoral Studies)

The Logic of Campaign Spending in Mixed-Member Electoral Systems

We argue that campaign effort by individual candidates should be a function of the tier or tiers in which the they are competing and whether they expects to be a strong contender.

Publication (Party Politics)

Campaign Resources and Pre-Electoral Coalitions

Why are small parties accepted into pre-election coalitions? I argue that they can offer key campaign resources to major parties.

Publication (PRQ)

Unintended Institutional Interactions: Presidential Coattails and Gender Parity Quotas

When can gender quotas be effective in majoritarian systems? We show that the gender quota in France depends on presidential coattails to work.