Patrick Cunha Silva

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor at Loyola University Chicago. My work has been published or is forthcoming in The Journal of Politics, British Journal of Political Science, and Political Research Quarterly.

More About My Research


I study topics related to electoral systems, gender representation, and political campaigns. Below you can find information about my last publications.

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Journal of Politics (Forthcoming)

Strengthening the Party, Weakening the Women

We argue that increasing parties' strength can perpetuate and even intensify parties' pre-existing patterns of exclusion of particular groups, including women, when elites are gender-biased. Read More

Photo: Leonardo Rubilar/Agencia Uno/dpa

British Journal of Political Science

The Role of District Magnitude in When Women Represent Women

We use a case of Chilean electoral reform and the nature of the post-reform chamber to test whether increasing district magnitude makes it more likely that women will focus on women's issues. Read More

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Political Research Quarterly

Unintended Institutional Interactions: Presidential Coattails and Gender Parity Quotas

When can gender quotas be effective in majoritarian systems? We show that the gender quota in France depends on presidential coattails to work. Read More